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Ireland’s First Ever Massive Fetish Survey

February 20, 2013 3 comments


Here it is, we’ve been threatening to do this for ages and we’ve finally gotten off our arses and done it.

Our own Melissa Hayward went out and organised the photoshoots with tons of models and photographers and stylists to accompany our daily pieces as we walk through the fetish alphabet.

And we figured we’d go all out and lash a survey together to find out just what is going on with Irish (mainly, but not exclusively) people and fetishes.

Sex surveys come and go, but never are they so targeted on a specific area of sexuality and fetishes and taboo are areas that are swept under the rug all too often.

This survey is completely, 100% anonymous.  Promise.

And it’s only a bit of fun, plus if you want to enter yourself in our draw for our fabulous prize (A brand spanky new Samsung Galaxy II Tablet) then you can do.  All will be explained in the survey.

And regardless of your views on fetishes it’ll take no more than 3 minutes to complete.  So aside from helping us compile a cross section of Irish attitudes towards sexual fetishes, you could have some fun and possibly win a mega awesome prize.

So have a go, then share it around to your friends.  Let’s show the stuffy old media that we’re not as repressed as they’d have us believe we are!

Take part in Ireland’s first ever national Fetish survey!

(Opens a pop up box)

Survey closes on Tuesday 26th February at midnight.

Winner of the prize will be chosen and notified on Friday 27th by email.  If no response is received within 72 hours another winner will be chosen from the remaining entries.  This process will be repeated until a winner has been found.  As this is a national and anonymous survey it is open to all editors, contributors, sponsors, models, photographers, affiliates and associates.  The decision of the senior editor is final.

Email addresses entered for prize draw will not be linked to answers and will not be held for a mailing list or passed to a third party.

Results of the survey will be published on on Tuesday 5th of March and will also be published in national print media.

Photo credits:

Photographer – Anita Kulon Photography

Models – Matt McG – Valentina

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3 thoughts on “Ireland’s First Ever Massive Fetish Survey

  1. misch says:

    Your survey totally ignores non-monogamy (open relationships & polyamory) which is going to make a couple of questions really difficult to answer for people who are actually kinky, a large proportion of whom are non-monogamous. Also, it seems fairly skewed towards the notion that fetishes are bad and shameful. Like, “my fetish takes the place of a sexual partner”? Is that a thing? I live in a 24/7 D/s relationship and I’m pretty sure that my ‘fetish intensity’ is about as high as it can go … That’s doesn’t mean it’s ruining my life. Shame & stigma does that, not sex, no matter how kinky.

  2. Matt Mc G says:


    We weren’t intending to focus on relationships really, but more the attitudes themselves towards the notion and act of a sexual fetish, and so far the results are giving a wide cross section of attitudes.

    But you do raise some points that could be explored in a future survey.


  3. FACECUTTR says:

    Cool stuff guys

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