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Venus DeVilo Scares us

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January 10, 2013 0 comments

This is Venus DeVilo, Ireland’s ONLY Voice of Horror.

Primarily an alternative horror musician, she is also THE Vampira style radio presenter of the Goth top ten on Dead Air, the brand new only and purely gothic online radio station.

A very occasional alternative model and actress…  “I have been on the music scene since 2010, I have performed in every fabulous [The Village, The Button Factory] and every shitty venue Dublin and beyond has to offer. And all the metal/rock bars- Fibbers, Gypsy Rose etc…”

Not only that but she has been the main musical act for pretty much EVERY alternative Burlesque and Cabaret night since 2011: Gorlesque, Grim Squeaker’s Rogue’s Gallery,The loving Dead, The Blood Bunniez, Dublin Zombie walk New Years Eve show, she’s performed at them all!

“I have also been producing my own alternative horror burlesque shows since June 2012.”

Enough of this shameless self promotion, there’s plenty of time for that later, for now we have some rather serious interviewing to be done, so let’s fucking do it!

Let’s kick it off with some serious questions about the state of the Irish Burlesque scene;

How is the burlesque scene in Ireland doing these days?

Alright I guess, there’s a lot of interest in it at the moment, every venue seems to be jumping on the bandwagon in some form or another anyway! A bit of over saturation really. Ya just gotta find the genuine good nights over the crap cashing in on a fad burlesque nights!

Is the ratio of alt/burlesque people versus normies balancing up?

I wouldn’t know about that now, I’m not a statistician!

What separates a good burlesque show from a great burlesque show?

Content and storytelling and ability. If it’s just some chick getting her tits out for the sake of it, it’s just tacky! Every second chick I know seems to think they can do burlesque now. That’s really not the way. I don’t even perform burlesque and even I know that!

Outside of people who know what burlesque is and what it’s about, do you reckon that others don’t get it and have the wrong idea about it?


I really wanted to be a burlesque dancer, but the nipple tape ripped hairs off me and it hurt. What can I do instead?

Join one of those kinky nights and perform there. They’ll get off nipple tassle based nipple pain. You could rake the cash in!

And now, our patented variety of non-sensical questions because that’s how we roll;


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