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The Black Swan of the Family Original Shoots

November 13, 2012 3 comments

The more discerning of you gentlemen will already be familiar with Black Swan Persona.  She only went and did a couple of videos for our Youtube channel, introducing herself and giving some tips to aspiring models.

The thing is though, that she really doesn’t need to introduce herself as she’s a world published model both online and in print.  She’s been featured in Bizarre to mention one, and I mention that because I’m guessing the majority of you will at least know that one.

We’re not doing her any favours by featuring her here though, in fact she’s so busy that she’s currently in Australia, having spent just a few weeks back home from a stint in the states.  We only just about got this shoot, she’s that busy!

Despite all the “mainstream” alternative publications like Front, Bizarre and Suicide Girls having a strong focus on topless and even nude work, Black Swan Persona has a rule that she’ll keep her clothes firmly on her.  Which just goes to show that you can be busy and incredibly respected in your work as an alt model (or any model for that fact) and still be part some of the most stunning and captivating pictures you’re ever likely to see.

Let’s get cracking, here’s the shoot and some fun questions to give you something to read and flex those reading muscles.


3 thoughts on “The Black Swan of the Family

  1. silva says:

    super sexy

  2. D. Connolly says:


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