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Hide your man nipples from old lady perverts

Cold Man
October 17, 2012 0 comments

It’s getting proper fooking chilly out there these days.  It was only yesterday that I was walking to the post office, and it was much colder out there than it had looked.

Anyway, long story short, by the time I got to the little old ladies in the post office I had nipples on me that could have taken their eyes out.  To the point where I had to tell them that my eyes were a little higher.  Old lady perverts.

Anyway, long story short, I figured it was time to get the winter coat out again, but it was rather bigger on me than it was last year, so I had to go and buy a new one.  I went looking and it seems that there’s a bigger world out there than the local Dunnes.

So whether you’re stoney broke, have a few quid or don’t mind stealing stuff, we’ve gone and found some different options for you.


Buy: Cause they’re totally within your budget and you need one for this fucking bitter cold weather!

Navy and Cream Baseball Jacket €40 / Navy Jersey Jacket €47

Treat: Cause you’re so pretty and you deserve pretty things.

Dark Green Hooded Parka €85 / Grey Wool Hooded Bomber Jacket €85

Steal: Cause how else are you going to afford one, and it’ll make you look like a sexy male model.

Wool Herringbone Field Jacket €375 / Diesel Leather Bomber Jacket €832.79

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