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Win a Nintendo GameCube Bundle with The R.A.G.E. Giveaways

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April 22, 2014 99 comments

By now, you all know that our gaming section is sponsored by and headed up by the great lads over at The R.A.G.E.

And if you don’t, then you bloody well should.

If you haven’t seen their blurb around this very site, then here’s a little bit about who they are and what they do…

“We are a record shop and video game store that is located on Fade St, Dublin 2 in Ireland. We feature the largest selection of 2nd hand vinyl records AND retro computer games in Dublin. We literally get new arrivals in every single day!

Our record shop & vinyl store contains: LP’s and 7″ singles spanning Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Rock, Metal, Pop, Indie, Punk music and more.

Our retro video games section has NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Megadrive, Saturn, Dreamcast, Playstation 1, consoles and accessories with loads of classic Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon games as well as super rare titles spanning all gaming consoles.

If you are in the city, stop in and visit, if not, we will happily ship WHATEVER you want to WHEREVER you want.”

The series has become far more popular than either us or The R.A.G.E. had ever thought it would, so it’s become the time when we figured we’d give something away to all the retro game fans out there.

What we have to give away is a Nintendo GameCube bundle, which consists of…

  • One Nintendo GameCube console
  • Two Controllers
  • 1 Memory Card
  • €40 worth of games

That’s usually a bundle that’ll run you at just under €100, but you can have it all for free!


So what do you have to do to win?


  • First off you have to like The R.A.G.E. on Facebook
  • Then you have to like on Facebook
  • Enter through the app below or the Giveaway tab on our Facebook Page
  • Finally, drop a comment below telling us of your most favourite retro game ever.  The one from your childhood that fills you with more nostalgia than memories of going to your junior disco in your Xworx jeans!

There are ways that you can earn extra entries in the app below and the winner will be chosen at random from all entries

So what are you waiting for?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Competition closes on Saturday 26th April and winner will be chosen at random.

Good luck!

Oh, and if you need any further inspiration to enter, check out our list of the best GameCube titles ever, right HERE

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99 thoughts on “Win a Nintendo GameCube Bundle with The R.A.G.E.

  1. Simon Kdb Moore says:

    I grew up on the Gameboy. I was the Pokémon king at my primary school. Heck my entire Internet Persona is based off the Pokémon Kadabra! For I am The Great KDB (KaDaBra=KDB)

  2. jennifer says:

    Has to be Paperboy! What a game,so simple but so much fun! Managed to get it for Playstation a few years back and it was just as good as when I was a kid!

  3. Alab says:

    Love this retro shit!!!

  4. Sean Spillane says:

    There’s too many to choose from but, i’m gonna go with Marathon 2: Durandal. Not only did it introduce me to the legends that are Bungie, and later on (my all time favorite series) Halo – It also led to my first Lan party (with complete strangers) While it took a while for me to win my first match, hearing everyone call out “GG” and “Well done man” was the first time i felt i belonged to a group. For a 12 year old, sitting with men and women of all ages who treatedme like an old friend – that was a really good feeling :)

  5. Navu says:

    Such a hard choice but I think for sheer enjoyment and the best memories it has to be lylat wars on the N64 for me.

  6. Ultan O Cinneide says:

    I think my favourite would have to be Revenge of Shinobi on the Sega Megadrive. It was so bloody hard, but apparently I lost some of my gaming ability as I got older because I was far better at it then than I am now. Plus it had Spiderman in it… I just wish I could have played the one that had Batman in it.

  7. Thomas Markey says:

    Streets of Rage because all police officers should have gatling guns and rocket launchers in their squad car.

  8. Marc Hibbits says:

    Super Mario World on the SNES – Will always remember the feeling of leaving Chocolate Land and seeing the Bowser Skull rising in the water leading to Valley of Bowser, with its funky retro beats while he hovers over the castle. Including Star World (And Special World).

  9. Paul Hussain says:

    The game i would pick is star wars. i used to love driving around and exploring the many caves in the game. It would keep me playing for hours.

  10. Luke Reddy says:

    my favourite is Super smash bros, still play it from time to time on my laptop, would love to play it on the real thing again

  11. Darragh Cattigan says:

    Has to be Sonic 3 and Knuckles to The Sega Megadrive. Combining the two games together for one huge adventure and unlocking the super emeralds

  12. timmy smith says:

    Goldeneye for nintento 64 is still to this day one of the best first person shooter games iv played. With its fun campaign and good weapon choice it’ll be a game i never forget. Dont mind that hibbits lad, he’s a liar and a fraud!!:)

  13. ronaldomoon says:

    There has been so many I have loved from the older consoles like Wonderboy, Streets of Rage 1&2, to name but a few. But I think my all time favourite must be Resident Evil 2 as it was the first game I owned and bought from brand new and spent so many hours playing it both alone and with friends and have great memories of it. And if I got the Gamecube I could buy Resident Evil remastered for it and play from the series beginning all over again :)

  14. Zannle says:

    The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

    I would spend most of my childhood watching my brother play all of his games, It was only until I was 10 that I ACTUALLY played them myself but we would spend all of our holidays trying to solve the puzzles, work our heads around the games story. Although we completed a tonne of games including Tales of Synphonia and Final Fantasy, Majoras mask was always the best. For a kid that game was TERRIFYING. A town of people awaiting death, a child whos dad was trying to kill her and a budding romance which would’ve ended in death anyways. This was and is my all time favorite game.

  15. Cormac Macker Fitzgerald says:

    Either Mario Kart 64 or Star Wars Rogue Squadron

  16. Charlotte Gunn says:

    Mario Cart – N64. I Played this game so much as a child. I would have all my friends over to play battle on the brick fort level!

  17. Zannle says:

    Gareth Doolan on Facebook btw ;P

  18. Michael Kilfeather says:

    Tekken 3 on the PS1. Way ahead of it’s time. Used to play it non-stop as a kid and still do to this day. Still holds up really well today! One of the best fighting games I’ve ever played.

  19. Luke Doyle says:

    Earthbound. The most nostalgic game I can ever think of has to be Earthbound. It was released before my time (I’m 15), and when I was 7, I remember booting up an original NTSC SNES, sticking the game cart in the slot and being truly amazed by the characters, the story, and the unforgettable song from Onett (best soundtrack ever). To this day, I can vividly remember the quirky humour, the fun (and funny) encounters, and Buzz Buzz. The game takes a huge place in my heart and will never leave as long as I live.Earthbound. The most nostalgic game I can ever think of has to be Earthbound. It was released before my time (I’m 15), and when I was 7, I remember booting up an original NTSC SNES, sticking the game cart in the slot and being truly amazed by the characters, the story, and the unforgettable song from Onett (best soundtrack ever). To this day, I can vividly remember the quirky humour, the fun (and funny) encounters, and Buzz Buzz. The game takes a huge place in my heart and will never leave as long as I live.

  20. Miriam Verdon says:

    I was a play stations kid when i was younger so i would play crash bandicoot all the time it was like my favourtie game on PS. I would just keep replying it over and over again and never got bored

  21. Sean Kerins says:

    My favourite would have to be The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past. This was the first game I ever owned, I used to play it for hours on end. I always get an extreme sense of nostalgia whenever I hear any of the music from the game, it just sends shivers down my back!

  22. Aislinn Sophie Beaulé says:

    Mario Sunshine all the way ! I love riding those squids around !

  23. Dwaine Griffin says:

    Metal Gear Solid on the playstation. I played this over and over again when i was in secondary school and just recently played it again to get me pumped for MGSV. I thought snake was the man. Im dying to play the remake on the Gamecube. So gots to win me some game cube goodness

  24. Kieran McCann says:

    ssx on ps2, first game i played on the ps2 as it was a launch game

  25. Jack Flood says:

    Super Mario World on the GBA, my first ever game.

  26. Dylan Quinn says:

    Earthworm Jim! 😀

  27. Oscar Harley Monks says:

    Never had a PS1 or a N64 so my favourite retro game would probably be Ratchet and Clank, first game i got for my PS2 when i was 7, I’ve played the entire series over countless times but the first one was always my favorite because i could never complete the last level!Kept trying until my PS2 broke.

  28. Dean Flood says:

    Its got to be Zelda A Link to the Past. To this day I still play it once a year religiously. The music alone is incredible.

  29. John Keegan says:

    So many to choose from but the one that brings back the most memories is Tekken 2 on the PS1. Even my mam and dad loved it.

  30. Kev Coffey says:

    The one that brings back all the memories would have to be Final Fantasy 9 on the PS1! I even had such a nostalgia trip about recently, i went and bought it on the PSN!

  31. Kio O Brien says:

    super mario bros 3 for the snes its just got to be! so many years playing that game with so many different people, its one game that ill never forget and will stick with me forever, always brings back great memories when i think back or play it in fact!

  32. Mike Culligan says:

    What else but Pokemon Red/Blue? Blue in my case. It defined a generation, me included, introducing so many to the glorious world of video games. Even when I stop playing newer Pokemon games, or games in general (though that’ll never happen), I’ll never forget how much Pokemon Blue did for me. I still boot it up every so often to a) listen to the music, b) beat the Elite Four again, or c) both. What a great game.

  33. Keeley Ryan says:

    Definitely the original Smash Bros! Luigi’s Mansion is great, too!

  34. Ben Hogan says:

    When I was younger I would spend days on end in my older friends house watching him play through The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, content to just sit there and watch the game being played, if I win this I’m gonna get myself OoT and relive my childhood

  35. Noel Pearse says:

    Super Mario 64 and Duke Nukem/Doom 64

  36. Andy Williams says:

    Cant beat Spyro the Dragon for PS1, or Smackdown 2!

  37. David Breen says:

    Links awakening for the game boy! Used to watch my brother play, then got to play myself. Every time I complete it now I get a real feel trip :)

  38. Eamon Crawford says:

    Super mario 64 , riding around on the koopa shells was so awesome

  39. William Shelton says:

    has to be Street Fighter 2 turbo. Snes was the first console I had and this was the game sitting in it most of the time. and its still the best beat em up ever!

  40. Billyroll Ham says:

    Digger T. Rock for the Nes!

  41. Iain Donnellan says:

    Super smash brothers melee :)

  42. seanie says:

    It’s gotta be smash bro’s right? Amazing

  43. Harry says:

    For the N64. Its gotta be Goldeneye. But of all time. Lost Vikings for the SNES takes the post.

  44. Jasmine Kelly says:

    I loved my GameCube and was distraught when my dad gave it away. Pikimon had to be one of my favorite games for it, the little feckers were so cute! SSX games and BigMuthaTruckers 2 for the ps2, was never off them!

  45. Niek Akerboom says:

    Probably will be 007: Goldeneye, 4 player deathmatch :)

  46. Shnoobies says:

    Golden Axe 😀

  47. cotysmith says:

    My favorite retro game has to be Earthbound. So many hours spent and I always find my way back to playing it again every few years.

  48. Sam Reece Murphy says:

    I am going to say Ridge Racer for the PS1. One track (with a few variations and mirror modes), 6 songs to choose from (One of which when I was a kid I thought had the lyrics get down and fart which was the funniest thing ever at the time), 4 cars (Unless you beat the Galacatican mini game at the start and unlocked the rest of them) and that kick ass campy announcer all racing games seemed to have at the time. My brother got it for his birthday along with a PS1 back in 1998. Amazingly I did not fully complete the game by beating that cheating Devil car until around 2010.

  49. Luke O' Halloran says:

    I’m gonna have to say the original Crash Bandicoot for the PS1, it was the first video game I ever played and I have such fantastic memories with it. The only time I ever got past the first island as a kid was using cheat codes I got from a gaming magazine my dad got me for my birthday. Oh man, the memoies. Good times, good times.

  50. Andrew Kerbey says:

    Definitely Lylat Wars on the N64. I loved rail shooters, so one where you’re in a space fighter…thing…was class!

  51. Graham Cowzer says:

    My favourite game has to be Pokemon for the Gameboy as all my days as a kid where spent watching my older sister play it on her Gameboy colour and all my friends playing it on theirs. ironically when my sister gave me her Gameboy colour a few years on we had lost the pokemon game in moving house. so I never got to play it until last year when I bought pokemon yellow and I still play it to this day

  52. Niamh Kelly says:

    I loved Tetris !!!

  53. Aaron Beveridge says:

    My favorite retro game would have to be mario kart double dash (yeah i know, its not really retro…)

  54. Lyndsey O'Brien says:

    Lads, Animal Crossing though. Haha. Or spyro. But if I had to pick the ultimate favourite, Doom. Obsessed is an understatement.

  55. Philly O'Riain says:

    Has to be Shinobi on the Sega Mega Drive.

  56. Lyndsey O'Brien says:

    Ohhhh and Dynasty Warriors. Just yes.

  57. Amy Matthews says:

    Has to be Street Fighter II for the SNES. My sister & I used to always get up out of bed and play it with the tv on mute so we could play more than our daily video game limit. Had us wrecked going to school most days 😀

  58. Colm J Flannery says:

    Doom on floppy disk! Our Uncle gave it too us when we were kids, I still have nightmares 😀

  59. Paddy Carroll says:

    It has to be Streets of Rage 2 for me 😛

  60. Donie Ó Sé says:

    Has to be Super Mario Land II! Got it for Christmas way, way back with a GameBoy Pocket, and I must’ve played it from start to finish a hundred times over. Still remember my least favourite boss and even just thinking about him makes me so mad – I don’t remember his name but he was the Moon Level boss. Such an amazing game though, getting dewy eyed thinking of the amount of time I committed to it.

  61. polly dolly says:

    My favorite game was DD Kong Racing. Spent all my birthday playing it with my cousins. Was the good old easy time!

  62. Ian Notaro says:

    Pokémon Yellow, because of the immense link battles in the school yard!

  63. menacethedenis says:

    Rogue Squadron II on Gamecube! Loved the trench run and hoth levels

  64. paddybass says:

    My favourite retro game is definitely Super Mario World. The game is so perfectly designed in every way. I’ve been playing it for over 20 years and it continues to amaze me, The physics are so damn good and death is always the responsibility of the player.

    Boss fights are exceptional and the secret areas were the talk of the playground in my youth. In many ways it crafted a template for the Mario series that still exists today. I honestly cannot commend this game enough.

    Miyamoto – we love you!

  65. Ger Swanser says:

    Mario Kart 64! Spent weeks playing Marios track trying to get over that wall!

  66. Sinan Saday says:

    Ah jeez. This is a real toughy. It’d have to be either Metroid 2 or Tetris, both for the original Gameboy. Both of which I still have today, along with said Gameboy!

  67. Marty Patrick F says:

    Hmm so many to pick golden axe…. Donkey Kong, crash bandicoot,, Worm’s,, lemons, space pong, space invidious

  68. Josh Gilman says:

    My Favorite retro game has to be Super Mario Land 2 for the gameboy. it required a good imagination; I still remember the birds used to drop turd shaped objects on you …..

  69. Mick Doyle says:

    My favourite retro game is Rick Dangerous on the Commodore 64. Classic game. The animation when you die still makes me laugh today

  70. Paddy Carroll says:

    Actually, I change my mind. Metal Gear Solid for the PS1…I’d love to get my hands on Twin Snakes!

  71. Stuart O' Neill says:

    My favorite retro gaming moment would have to be finally killing Demon Gate from FF7, so so so many hours….

  72. Ciarán O'Connell says:

    Space Shuttle for the Atari 2600

  73. Kevin Mac Enri says:

    Id say my favourite would be ratchet and clank 3 for the ps2

  74. Anna Wolfe says:

    My favorite is super mario world for snes! Oh! And mega bomberman for sega genesis. :)

  75. Sparticus_Prime says:

    Duck hunt on the NES …it had a gun.what more do I need to say .actually I remember getting my nes for Xmas when I was about 8 and was hooked on gaming ever since….

  76. Sparticus_Prime says:

    After that games like Mortal Kombat, street fighter 2 turbo, metal gear solid are the others than stand out….but duck hunt and super Mario Bros on nes are what got me hooked

  77. Arjan Hendrix says:

    Playing Mario Kart was awesome….Those were the games that brought me to a different world and let me escape the real world 😀

  78. Gavin Doyle says:

    Super Mario Sunshine <3

  79. jordan cormack says:

    Spyro 2 gateway to glimmer ps1 definitely gives me the most nostalgia. Hundreds of hours playing that game. When I lost my memory card I dont think I’ve ever been so sad in my whole life .

  80. Niall says:

    shadowrun on the snes great game and an epic soundtrack as well .Unreal

  81. Michael Hoey says:

    Super Mario World/All stars bundle for the snes.

  82. Stephen Douglas says:

    Wizards and Warriors III for nes :) I never got bored of it

  83. Michael Hoey says:

    Super Mario world/All stars bundle for the snes.

  84. Leon Dowd says:

    Pokemon stadium <3

  85. Oisin O'Callaghan says:

    Zelda: Ocarina of time – unforgettable

  86. Patryk Kaiser says:

    My favourite retro game is EarthBound (Mother 2)!

  87. Sebastian says:

    my favourite retro game would have to be circus for atari!

  88. Jamie Hickey says:

    Definitely ToeJam and Earl on the MegaDrive. So Funky.

  89. mary mcdonnell says:

    Zelda, Donkey Kong and GTA Vice city :) Before the playstation we had the Sega and loved Sonic the Hedgehog :)

  90. Shav says:

    Without a doubt it has got to be Donkey Kong for N64!

  91. Ty Johnston says:

    Streets of Rage for the MegaDrive, It was hardly ever turned on in our house, everyone used to play it with me :)

  92. Kevin Mac Enri says:

    Ratchet and clank 3 all the way!

  93. Allan Brown says:

    favorite game is Ghostbusters on the mega drive or new Ghostbusters 2 on the NES. Still have both of them, I remember being home sick from school in the early 90s and setting up the Megadrive to play Ghostbusters i had rented from a local video store. I played it all day and got to the last level where you had to beat all the bosses from the previous levels again. I got to the second last boss, Mr Stay Puff and lost all my lives after playing it on the dinner table for the good part of 8 hours. Ghostbusters 2 to this day i still can’t get past the second sewer level boss.

  94. Paul Sweeney says:

    donkey kong country, first game i ever completed!!

  95. adam naughton says:

    The game that gives me most nostalgia would have to be crash bandicoot because its a classic i remember the fat tribal boss the crazy thing that dropped bombs and one of my favourites would also be silent hill

  96. Simon says:

    My first game was a Crash Bandicoot game and probably one of my favourite games. I don’t think I actually ever finished it though which sucks but I had a hell of a lot of fun playing it!

  97. Adam Walsh says:

    the school i went to didn’t have a lot of funding… but around 2004 we used to play Granny’s Garden at the time amazing game also my favorite console was obviously tied with the game being the BBC microcomputer Dont ask me why but the Beeb has always been my favorite. lol Acorn basic
    the game would give you something like “do you want to help blank” Answer:NO Response “yes you do” good times xD

  98. Kyrsti says:

    Zelda Ocarina of Time or on hand held my Mario Bros. multi screen Game & Watch, I still love playing it :-)

  99. Cal Caffrey says:

    If I were to choose a game that makes me feel nostalgic the most, I’d have to pick Crash Bandicoot 3 for Playstation 1. I spent a lot of my childhood playing this game, so naturally it would have a sentimental value to it. Playing it now sends me back to my childhood. One of the best things about the game is that it’s easy for a kid to learn how to play, but challenging to master, even with older players. Good stuff altogether!

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