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July 29, 2013 2 comments

Now, I’m not one to step on any toes around here at CHUNK.  We have Shawna who will deal with all things sex, and lifestyle and progressive and all that.

But I *ahem* came across these and just had to share them with our female readers.

Having said all that, I’m not entirely sure if these are really progressive or sexy, but you’ll surely get a giggle out of them.

Super hero themed dildos.  Sure, why not?

Part of sex toy manufacturer Doc Johnson’s “Super Hung Heroes” collection, there are some rather recognisable comic book heroes.  For obvious reasons there’s no actual link between the toys and the characters they may or may not be based on.

Being a man, and with only my own mini me as reference, the Incredible Hunk looks rather un-natural.  And not just because it’s green!

Check em out below!

The "Web Slinger".  Might not sling actual web.

The “Web Shooter”

Web Slinger

May not shoot actual web.

"Rock Hard Man".  To pepper your pot with presumably.

“Rock Hard Man”. A different kind of bald headed avenger.

Rock Hard Man

To pepper your pot with, presumably.

Incredible Hunk

“HUNK SMASH in your back door”

The Incredible Hunk.  "Silicone Smash!"

The Incredible Hunk. “Silicone Smash!”

Caped Cock Box

The Caped Cock. Complete with batarang and foreskin!

The Caped Cock.  Complete with batarang and foreskin!

To properly bat your cave with. (Thanks we’re here all week)

Get them HERE (NSFW obviously)

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2 thoughts on “Super (Hung) Heroes

  1. ann says:

    the creator of this products is really a genius !

  2. ann says:

    designed by artist anjani siddhartha in California….

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