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Chris Garver Spotlight

Chris Garver Preview
May 4, 2013 0 comments

So even though I’m well aware that they don’t show a realistic view of tattoo shop life, I love shows like Miami Ink and NY Ink.
LA Ink… not so much. Me thinks that Kat Von D, even though very talented, is a bit of a beeeyotch.
So anyway I watch them whenever they’re on the telly, they make me want to cover myself in tattoos.
I especially loved Miami Ink (they stopped making it in like 2008) because of Chris Garver, that guy is pretty damn talented and not too hard on the eyes either.

We feature a lot of people with tattoos but we’ve never really talked about the tattoo artists; that shit is totally gonna change. I’m shining the spotlight on the insanely awesome Chris Garver.

Garver started tattooing in 1988 and is now one of the most famous tattooers in the world, the dude is like a rock star!

He attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City and has learned from and worked with some of the most legendary artists in the tattooing world. Even with all that he says that travelling the world played a massive role in making in the great artist that he is.

He’s been sorta avoiding the limelight since Miami Ink finished but he has a blog where he regularly posts new tattoos and art; from his awesome dragon tattoos that he’s quite partial to doing, to more simple tattoos, to big, beautiful and intricate pieces.

So I could bullshit on about other random crap or I could just show you some of the goods…

Chris Garver Tattoos

Pretty damn awesome eh? There’s more amazingness where that came from too.

Images from Chris Gaver’s Official Facebook Page and

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